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1-2-1 Coaching Session with a Teenager – Cameron Parker our founder and UK’s #1 Schools Mindset Coach sat down with one of his fans on a 30-minute coaching call. The fan was a student, teenager, and currently in year 11.

The conversation between Cameron and the student first started after Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown. The student contacted Cameron concerned about his future. He needed help because he was unsure how he could respond to this situation.

Cameron has been providing tips and tricks on social media for teenagers. Cameron shares how teenagers can use this lockdown as an opportunity to step up, instead of shutting down.

Therefore Cameron thought it would be a great opportunity to coach the student live on video. Also for the Dreams 2 Reality podcast listeners on Apple Podcast or Spotify. (Little Plug there haha)

Here is the whole 30-minute coaching session:

Here is a small highlight video from the coaching session:

The student said Cameron supported him in overcoming some difficult challenges he is currently facing. Cameron asked many different questions to try and understand where the student is currently at mentally and with his school work.

It was apparent the student was stuck in the ‘NOW’ too much, where he was overthinking everything. When he was overthinking the negative chatter started to creep in, that is why Cameron put things into perspective for him.

We fully recommend checking the videos and podcast out again and see the impact we are having on teenagers around the world. For bookings and inquiries email

1-2-1 Coaching Session with a Teenager

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