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“We have witnessed first hand the impact Power Mentoring for Schools has had on our selected students. Not only have the students loved the sessions, data has improved massively.”

Mentoring for Schools

“Mentoring has significantly addressed the gaps where our school faced challenges. We identified a need for improved attendance, which has been lacking. Therefore, the sessions with Cam were very focused and aligned perfectly with our mission, making the entire process much more impactful.”

We don’t just talk about it; we are on the ground every day, working in schools to ensure that students’ behaviours, habits, and efforts match their future expectations.

When a disconnect exists, we coach and mentor students to overcome their personal challenges, building them up and helping them create a vision for their future.

Our coaches are highly experienced, with a passion for supporting students to improve and develop their lives. We work closely with schools and sometimes parents to ensure outcomes are met.

We understand how difficult it can be for everyone involved, and sometimes as teachers and parents, you may feel helpless. That’s when an external person coming in can really make an impact.

How’s Power Mentoring for Schools Delivered?

Typically, Power Mentoring for Schools consists of 6, 12, or 18 sessions or days.

While each program may vary slightly, it’s usually conducted through one-on-one sessions in person, online, or in group settings. However, we have the flexibility to customise our services to align with your specific requirements, guaranteeing maximum impact.

We build relationships quickly and don’t shy away from difficult conversations. Therefore, if you have students who need extra support in overcoming many of the challenges mentioned above, please do get in touch as Power Mentoring is for you.

Power Mentoring for Schools Speakers:

Jon Thomas
Girls Growth Programme
Ifrah Farooq
Mentoring for Schools Ralphy
Lee Ralph

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