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Parents of Teens Webinar Feedback – Wow tonight’s webinar with parents was incredible. Our founder and coach Cameron Parker spent close to an hour working with parents. We have identified this is a tough time for parents too, therefore it was important for us to support parents the best we can. Messages like this make it all worth it:

“I just want to say that I look forward to these sessions, as this is my time, and gives me time to reflect during the week. Please keep going with them.”

Last week we had former headteacher and coach Peter Rowland join the webinar to help the parents. It was a huge success but it is important for us to change things up.

Therefore Cameron heavily focused on ‘Values’ and what they really mean. It was a deep session but it was great to see so many parents respond in a positive way. Here are some of the messages we recieved:

“Thank you so much Cameron, that was a great session, it’s so useful to take stock, think of the bigger picture and realise everyone has the same fears. Great tips, thank you, I feel much more positive.”

“Another great session Cam – really helpful.”

“Enjoyed this session. it does give you time to think as a parent. it is a great support for us all. Thank you!”

“Useful to have other people on for another opinion”

“I like the blend of sessions that you have been offering.”

“Thank you that’s a lot to think about and not often you take time to ask yourselves these questions!”

“Really helpful thanks”

“Thanks Cameron – great session tonight.”

“This has been really interesting tonight, thank you Cameron.”

“Another fab webinar for parents this evening – thank you Cameron Parker! Even the cat has given serious thought to what inspires her!” (See Picture)

“Thank you so much for providing these webinars for us. It helps us to know we are not alone, and we are all doing a great job!”

There you have it. These sessions are extremely important, and they will continue every Wednesday evening.

If you want more information then please email and we will send you all the information you need. Thank you again.

Parents of Teens Webinar Feedback

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