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Pupil Premium Intervention Starts in Leicestershire School – Team ‘Dreams 2 Reality’ has officially partnered up with Ashby School in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire. Ashby School has signed up to the Pupil Premium Power Program as they wanted their year 11 students to have the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their GCSEs.

The first day running the Pupil Premium Power Program couldn’t of went any better; all the students engaged throughout, and the response was second to none. You can see some of the best student messages below.

Student Responses

“Hey thanks for yesterday at Ashby, you made me think of what I can be if I just put the work in and make the effort and you made me realise what I need to do to get where I want and save my self so much stress”

“Yo your speech yesterday actually made me feel a lot better about what I want to do because I’ve known for ages but didn’t know how to get there but now I feel a lot better about it and think it could actually happen a lot sooner”

“Thank you for today bro, gave me a bit of guidance”

“Hi, you came to Ashby School today and I was in your first session, you really inspired me to actually want to go places in life and I’m really thankful for you”

At the end of the first day, Cameron met with the parents of the students; we do this to ensure the Power Program is a huge success and we also understand we can’t get the best outcomes without engagement from parents.

The response from the parents was positive; they asked lots of questions and provided us with some brilliant ideas. We identified some key areas and challenges we need to focus on in the Power Program. This information is crucial because it supports us further in tailoring the delivery for the students’ needs.

There you have it, this was the first official Blog for our new website. If you have any questions or want to book us then please email

Pupil Premium Intervention Starts in Leicestershire School

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