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Online platform designed to take 14 – 18 years olds to the next level through video/webinars, daily communication/support, and like-minded community.


81% Feel Less Motivated Since

Mental Health

76% Said Their Mental-Health Had Worsened Since Lockdown


71% Said They Felt More Stressed Since Lockdown

Are you a teen who is…

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Unsure where to start on your dream?

  • Feeling confused?

  • Experiencing a huge amount of self-doubt?

  • Struggling to manage your mental health?

  • Feeling stressed?

  • Feeling lost?

  • Anxious about the future?

  • Struggling to stay healthy?

  • Struggling to keep everyone happy?

  • Unsure on the first step to take?

You’ll learn with us to:

  • Increase your confidence!

  • Get and stay motivated when you can’t be bothered!

  • Master revision in the shortest time possible!

  • Get good results even if you struggle in school!

  • Create a winning routine!

  • Get more done in less time!

  • Turn stress into success!

  • Manage relationships!

  • Reduce anxiety and fear!

  • Start building your future!

  • Prepare for your DREAM job!

The most successful people in the world have coaches. Now you have an opportunity to get daily motivation and coaching from world-class youth coach Cameron Parker.

If you want the best for your future then you are not alone. However, most teenagers don’t take action; your DREAM is possible with the right tools, strategy, and support. 

We have all been around people who don’t believe in us, who constantly put us down. Our environment is key, and you will be joining a community that will push you to the next level.

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World-Class Coaching


What do you get with the Academy?




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Before these sessions, he wasn't doing very well with his school work. My son was overwhelmed with the amount of work he was receiving. Since the sessions with Cameron he is more engaged. The man should be given a medal!

Parent Feedback

My son has just watched your webinar and I just want to thank you for your words of inspiration. He has ADHD and sensory integration and faces many struggles. My son really comprehended what you were saying and felt your words and experiences really impacted him. Thank you for helping him in a different light. It is appreciated.

Parent Feedback

Thank you for doing what you do, your sessions are so inspiring and they motivate loads of people. And, everyone needs a lift every now and then! The opportunity you are giving to students like me is so massive, a chance to improve, reflect and change. During a time like this, you're so right in saying it's important. We can reflect and change for good.

Student Feedback

I've struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and lack of motivation and concentration a lot over the past few years, but your webinars are making me feel less alone and more capable of getting up and doing stuff.

Student Feedback

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