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Team Building and Leadership Speaker

David Allen


Topics Incorporated:

  • Decoding Body Language

  • Optimising Leadership

  • Staff Development

  • Road 2 Resilience

  • Mindset

Also covered:

  • Overcoming Stress

  • Action Over Anxiety

  • Goal-Setting

  • Physical Health

  • Respect

David Allen, a distinguished Team Building and Leadership Speaker, hails from South Africa and will be visiting the UK for one week, three times a year.

With a background in security and as a police reservist, David has worked alongside some of the world’s most esteemed figures, including Nelson Mandela.

In addition to conducting staff CPD sessions, David excels at guiding students to conquer fear, enhance confidence, and increase motivation.

His approach is both engaging and distinctive, setting him apart from other leadership speakers in the UK.

3 Key Areas David Specialises in:

Group Coaching

Keynote Talks

Team Building Days

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    Team Building and Leadership Speaker - David Allen

    Team Building and Leadership Speaker David Allen working with students in the UK.

    David Allen South African Motivational Speaker