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The Reality of Body Image – This has been a huge week for us at ‘Dreams 2 Reality’. Our founder, coach, and speaker Cameron Parker has released an extremely important video. Before we continue, watch the video below:

Once Cameron released this video, the response on social media has been amazing. See the messages below:

“This definitely needs to be spoken about more the reality of body confidence is so different to what people think it is. Keep doing what your doing 👏”

“Might not be the type of advice people want to hear but it’s something everyone needs to hear. Great advice on an important topic.”

“A great topic that should be talked about more. Keep the great content coming”

“Very honest video, a lot of people don’t highlight the problems with social media and the unhealthy promotion of certain body types. I knew Cameron personally during the period he maintained that physique and his mental shape was not a reflection of his physique shape. Great video!”

“Mentality is stronger than muscle!! I’m sharing this with my kids”

“That’s a dope message for real! Thanks for sharing that with us”

“So many of our young people struggling with body image and hold their spirts idols in high regard. Your candid openness will help many feel able to seek help they need am sure -a true gent and ambassador. Wishing you the best”

“The mentality is definitely stronger than muscle. Thanks for sharing this @CamParkerD2R , i have so many friends that i’s sure feel like you do but don’t have the mentality to admit it. #mentalhealth

“Thank you for sharing this, it’s so so important. #MindOverMuscles

“All about balance Cam . I lost half my body weight. I’ve trained and I’ve found a middle road. I don’t train so hard but I’m healthy and mostly happy. We need to model this. Life really is a journey.”

We hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for your support, if you need anything then please email

The Reality of Body Image

The Reality of Body Image

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