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Our founder and UK’s #1 school motivational and mindset speaker Cameron Parker released this incredible video for teenagers across the world. 5 ways to open your mind as a teenager:

The response on this video has been amazing. Here are some of the comments posted on the Youtube video:

“Great content, a open mind is key to development, knowledge and success”

“Another dope message! Wish I had someone like you in my ear and there to follow when I was in school!”

“Really changes your mindset! feel like a lot of children need it!”

“I think many adults could also benefit from watching this video, there’s no magic age where you leave the box you’ve been stuck in for many years. Takes action and self-awareness as well as the humility to create the environment for positive change, just like learning languages and new motor skills the earlier you can implement that the better.”

“Amazing video, such a good speaker and such an inspiration , thank you”

“Very motivational thank you for the other night I look forward to more of your content”

“Amazing content! as always very inspirational”

“Such an inspiration!”

Our mission at Dreams 2 Reality is to support and inspire as many teenagers as we possibly can. We believe that opening your mind is one of the first steps for an individual to experience growth and improvement.

For example, this quote sums it up beautifully:

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”

Therefore, if you say and believe you can’t do or achieve something then you probably won’t. That belief system will stop the majority of people from even taking the first step. That is why it Is extremely important for people to open their minds to see what is possible. Once your mind is expanded it won’t go back to its original dimension.

Food for thought, we hope you enjoyed the video and we will see you all soon. For bookings and inquiries email Office

5 Ways to Open Your Mind as a Teenager

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