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Welcome to the ‘Dreams To Reality Academy’.

You will now enter a completely different Space to what you are used to, taking your life to the next level if you let it. Sounds cliché, right? I guess, but the truth is, you are now part of a community, a team, or as I prefer a family, a family of like-minded people who support, motivate and push each other to move forward, ultimately achieving the mission of ‘Dreams To Reality’.

Watch Video #1 – Are You Ready?

Are you ready to finally get direction in your life? The best way to achieve this is through ‘Goal-Setting’. What if I told you ‘Goal-Setting’ can help you achieve your dreams, make things easier and improve your grades, taking that E grade to a C grade or that B grade to an A grade?

If goal-setting can do that for you, would you take it more seriously?

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t serious.

Watch Video #2 – Why Goal – Setting Is Vital

NOW we move on to one of my favourite parts of ‘Goal-Setting’, this is called…


The first activity is designed to get your brain working, forcing you to think differently. This is an opportunity to DREAM BIG and have fun!

Watch Video #3 – The Big Dream

Once we have ‘The BIG DREAM’ complete, then it makes the daily struggles we face in school a little easier.

Therefore I need you to think 10 years from now, how old will you be, between 23 -28 maybe? I need you to answer the questions below, writing down whatever comes to mind; write down more than one thing for each question if you can, don’t hold back, we can always change it later.

What do I want to do?

What do I want to be?

What do I want to see?

What do I want to have?

What do I want to share?

Go to page 15 to begin the activity, firstly check out the example.

I am judged for DREAMING BIG; the majority of people don’t understand it, they get offended when you think so BIG and they think so small.
It is common I guess, but great things can be achieved when you create the right goals. So…

What Makes a Goal Realistic?

I hear all the time, “we must set realistic goal,” in some cases this can work but in the next video I discuss what makes a goal realistic or unrealistic and how approaching ‘Goal-Setting’ with flexibility is important.

Watch Video #4 – Unrealistic & Flexible

I want to share with you a line from one of my favourite artists J. Cole, he said:

“Keep working…your life can change in one year and even if it is dark out the sun is shining somewhere”.

I think those words are so powerful, but before we get into the yearly goals it is important to become aware of the ‘DREAM Formula’ when creating our goals over the next year.

Watch Video #5 – Dream Formula

D – etailed – Your yearly goals need to be detailed; the more information you provide, the better, this can include facts.

R – ewarding – It feels incredible when ticking off goals; pick your goals that will make you feel like this. If they don’t, re-evaluate and make sure you incorporate all the other aspects of this formula for it to really work.

E – nd Game – Every goal should have a deadline in place; what term or week will you start working towards this goal, or when does it need to be completed by?

A – uthentic – Your goals need to be your goals, not someone else’s, when they are your goals it’s less likely you will quit when times get tough.

M – otivation – Your goals must provide motivation; they should drive you, excite you and push you even when you don’t feel like working hard. Review them on a daily basis if you have to.


Time to get a little more focused on our goals; therefore we need to become more specific, and begin to break down our BIG DREAM!

Watch Video #6 – Yearly Goals

Don’t forget to apply the ‘DREAM Formula’. It is okay to set very difficult goals, you can also set easier goals too. Easier goals can result in small wins, when done correctly they can build the momentum, resulting in achieving the other goals we have.

Therefore I recommend setting goals to support the other goals we have. Confused? Let me show you an example:

Goal 1) Take my D grade to a B in English.

Goal 2) Attend 95% of the after school revision clubs in English.

See how that works? Feel free to use the questions below as guidelines when creating your yearly goals, also allow ‘The BIG DREAM’
to influence you.

What do I want to do? What do I want to be? What do I want to see? What do I want to have? What do I want to share?

I have provided you with some examples in the booklet.

Watch Video #7 – Prioritisation of Goals


Now the easier part; this is where we turn your goals into reality and break your yearly goals down into termly ones.

Watch Video #8 – Termly Terminator

You don’t have to worry too much about the next video so please feel free to skip to video 10.


It’s no secret, revision can become overwhelming. Therefore it is essential to prioritise your subjects. Discover why…

Watch Video #10 – Subject Prioritisation


This is my favorite section; this is what separates the people who are

serious about their lives, not just curious. This takes a huge amount of consistency, the process is not hard, and all you have to do is continuously follow our steps.

Watch Video #11 – Weekly Success


Watch Video #12 – Weekly Goals


After your weekly goals are completed; we need to now set your ‘Weekly Revision Plan’, this will be essential for chunking down your large revision goals into small achievable steps.

Watch Video #13 – Weekly Revision Plan


Watch Video #14 – Sunday Success Session

There you have it; on Sundays, you need to create your weekly goals, weekly revision plan and your Monday Daily Champion Challenge.


Watch Video #15 – Daily Champion Introduction

Watch Video #16 – Daily Champion Challenge


Hope you have a better understanding of the ‘Daily Champion Challenge’. Just to recap…

Watch Video #17 – Daily Challenge Recap


When I say ‘Smell The Roses’, I am basically saying “evaluate how things went”. Watch the video and begin this activity at the end of your first term.

Watch Video #18 – Smell The Roses

Time to begin your dreams to reality journey…

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