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The Dreams 2 Reality team is growing. We are passionate about developing new speakers and coaches. It is important for us as we want to help and inspire as many young people as we can. Therefore we want to introduce Martinque Hill, as a new member of our team.

She has already been into schools and delivered sessions for Dreams 2 Reality. The feedback has been incredible and she is an amazing person with a brilliant story.

Here is more from Martinque:

“I am Martinque Hill and I have worked with young people for around 4 years in various different roles. I have lived in Bristol all of my life and went to university here, graduating in 2018 with an Honours degree in Law and Psychology.

Currently, I am working with young offenders at Vinney Green Secure Unit with the aim of rehabilitating them. My role is split between participating in helping the young people with their day to day life in the Unit as well as working alongside the education department where I specialise in English.

I am especially passionate about the importance of resilience in young people. Having been through a number of challenging experiences in my late teenage years and early twenties, I credit my resilience for getting me through such difficult times and allowing me to begin to achieve my goals and dreams.

Many young people find themselves feeling overwhelmed. Equipping young people to deal with this is my goal. By instilling resilience whilst helping them to utilise their natural strengths as tools will enable them to bounce back from adversity. This will benefit them not only through school, but for the rest of their lives.”

If you would like to book Martinique for your event then please email

This is a positive step for Dreams 2 Reality and for everyone involved. Time to finish 2020 very strong.

Dreams 2 Reality Team is Growing

Dreams 2 Reality Team is Growing

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