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Maintain vs Regain Motivational Video – For Teenagers – Our founder, speaker, and coach Cameron Parker has released an incredible video for teenagers in this difficult time.

Before we get into the blog watch the video below:

This motivational message is extremely important.

“It’s easier to maintain than it is to regain.”

Schools have not been operating as usual for 4 months now. Many teenagers are left up to their own devices without much accountability.

This isn’t anyones fault, we didn’t predict the whole world going into lockdown. However accountability is extremely important, especially for teenagers.

Many teenagers are struggling and falling behind. Most of us can all agree it is difficult to motivate ourselves to do the work at home. However, work needs to get done.

That is why we want to shift the mindset of many teenagers and focus on this idea of ‘maintaining’. If we can maintain our work ethic, knowledge, and focus before schools go back to normal then the transition will be easier.

When you fall behind with work it is hard to catch up. It is difficult to regain the information and get back into a routine. That is why we say:

“It’s easier to maintain than it is to regain.”

This is very similar to one of our favorite quotes “Progress Over Perfection”. We don’t want people to stress, we know it is hard that is why we promote small steps.

Small steps will result in big wins. Therefore that is why it is extremely important to concentrate on taking one step at a time. With this mindset, progress will be made, even if it is maintaining where we are currently at.

Maintaining will result in us being ready to go when we walk through the school doors in September.

If you do need help with this then you can send us a message on Twitter or Instagram @CamParkerD2R or email us on

Maintain vs Regain Motivational Video - For Teenagers

Maintain vs Regain Motivational Video – For Teenagers

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