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Motivational Lesson from Making a Cup of Tea – One big lesson I have learned as a student is the importance of having dreams and goals. That’s how everything starts.

It all starts with a dream, one solo thought that comes to the front of your mind and you get this idea, it becomes a goal, something you want to achieve.

Maybe it’s a small goal, something little, easily within your limits or maybe it’s something deeper that requires you to reach a little bit further.

It is important to recognise what type of goal it is your trying to find within your dreams, and I think that’s important whether you’re a student or not. Whichever it is, there is that voice inside you… What if it doesn’t work out right? and make a fool of myself? Can it turn out to be a bad idea?

We don’t want to live a life of ‘what if?’ is that the life you want to live? Constantly thinking about what MIGHT happen or do you want to live a life to see what WILL happen.

Reach those dreams and goals you have whether they be for now or for the future. There is no point in living a life where you are constantly debating if things will go your way. If they don’t at least you can say you tried it!

Do not give up on something because it didn’t work out the way you wanted to the first time.

Motivational Lesson from Making a Cup of Tea:

Think of it as simply making a cup of tea, you make it and end up adding to much milk, to little sugar or you don’t drink it in time, so it goes cold. You’re not going to say well I’m never going to make a cup of tea, again are you?

It’s the same with any situation in life why give up when you could be given so many more opportunities. Think of it as a lesson, a step towards success. Always be prepared for an opportunity because you never know where it could lead you and don’t turn it down because you’re afraid of what other people might think.

‘ It is better to be prepared for an opportunity you do not yet have than to have an opportunity and not be prepared’

‘ In the end people will judge you, anyway, so don’t live your life impressing others- live a life impressing yourself’

Do not live a life of regrets because you were too scared to dream big and reach for your goals. But live a life of experiences that lead you to that place you want to be.

If it’s something you really want you will get to it no matter how hard you have to work or how long it takes you to get there you will get there and you will be able to say this is what I did and yes it was hard but I did it and I’m proud of myself.

Sometimes in life, you even achieve things without realising its something to be proud of but think of those days when you wake up and feel like you can’t get out of bed. But you do you get up and you live your day to the best you can even if it doesn’t feel like that, it is an achievement and you should be proud of yourself. 

The place in which you allow your mind to be often determines how you think about improving your life to become the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.

Your mind must focus on a dream that becomes a goal to ensure it becomes a reality. No matter what age you are, when you allow your mind to be clear you are also allowing yourself to have a better perception on life, you can identify those dreams and those goals so you can live your life to the fullest. No matter what life your living.

Everybody’s story is different. When you’re a teenager a lot of the time you hear, ‘’you’ve got the rest of your life ahead of you. Your only young you’ve got loads of time’’

You often avoid the prospect as the future because you afraid of what might happen. The truth is, you’re never too young to start dreaming but your also never too old to change the ending of your story either.

Time is a precious thing, so why waste it. Start living now and reaching for those goals those dreams, make them a reality, and make yourself proud of who you are, accept the person you are growing to become and never be afraid to dream big. 

Motivational Lesson from Making a Cup of Tea

Written by Jess Shorthouse

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