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School Mindset and Motivational Online Program – Parents Feedback. We are really excited to share this feedback with you, especially as the program is off to a great start.

“He surprised me how motivated he’s been towards these sessions. He said to me maybe the quote is true. “You can’t change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.” This made me so proud.”

“Thank you for yesterday. My son really enjoyed listening to you. I noticed he had pen and paper and was writing notes which would help him! My son lacks a lot of confidence and doesn’t believe in himself. Listening to you really helped”

“Before these sessions, he wasn’t doing very well with his school work. My son was overwhelmed with the amount of history work he was receiving. I did tell him to email the teachers and ask for some deadlines guidance. Since the Cameron sessions he is more engaged. The man should be given a medal”

“My son has just watched your webinar via Newman College and I just want to thank you for your words of inspiration. He has ADHD and sensory integration and faces many struggles. My son really comprehended what you were saying and felt your words and experiences really impacted on him. Thank you for helping him in a different light”

Together There you have it, there will be so much more to come. If you need anything don’t hesitate to contact us

School Mindset and Motivational Online Program – Parents Feedback

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