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School Mindset and Motivational Online Program – Student Feedback – We are overwhelmed by the feedback from students on our 12-week online program for secondary schools.

Here is the feedback:

“I’ve struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and lack of motivation and concentration a lot over the past few years and your webinars are making me feel less alone and more capable of getting up and doing stuff”

“Thank you for all your help, you’ve been making me feel much better and more motivated.”

“Thank you for doing what you are doing. Today was the first time I have joined and I really enjoyed it.”

“I think todays session really helped me understand my fears”

“Thank you can I just say your webinars really help keep me motivated and it makes my day on Mondays and Fridays.”

“Thank you and yes the things you said about fear made me realise that everything I am afraid of comes under failure and thinking if I fail that’s it but now that I recognised it I will try to work on it.”

“I just want to say I absolutely loved the webinar”

“I was on the webinar today of motivation and mindset, love the webinar very helpful and inspirational. It also motivated me personally and will be back every time you do another one.”

“Great session both myself and my kids from Chiswick school were listening”

“You have done a session with us and I was watching your motivational video yesterday. I just want to say that yourn video has really helped me with my motivation and I feel encouraged to make my dream come a reality. I can’t wait for Fridays video. So thank you.”

“Your videos are so inspiring”

“Watching your webinar gave me the motivation to research more on my further education”

“I just want to say thank you for your webinar, I’m from Ashby School. I joined Monday and today and even though we have had 2 lessons, it helped me so much. Thank you for doing what you are doing.”

“I’m from Bucks UTC and wanted to thank you so much for doing what you do. Whilst i’m not someone who needs motivating lots, I find your sessions so interesting and inspiring. Your sessions support and motivate loads of people. And, everyone needs a lift every now and then! The opportunity you are giving to students like me is so massive, a chance to improve, reflect and change. During a time like this, you’re so right in saying it’s important. We can reflect and change for good in ‘normal’ life.”

“Honestly love your webinars so much. You’re so inspiring”

“Thank you for another morning of motivation it always helps!”

“I’m from Devizes School and I stumbled across your webinar while doing some school work because my tutor has told the group about it and this really helped me, thank you.”

There you have it, we can’t wait to continue this process. We believe every teenager needs this, in this dangerous and difficult time. For more information email

School Mindset and Motivational Online Program – Student Feedback

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