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School Mindset and Motivational Online Program – Teacher Feedback – The 12-week online school program has started with an incredible bang. The response from everyone involved has been brilliant and below is teacher feedback:

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Cameron to you. Before the lockdown, he was working with our Yr11 Pupil Premium students, running regular workshops and one-to-one sessions during the school day and also an evening for parents and one for students and their parents.

Today, Cameron ran our first ‘Mindset and Motivation’ webinar, which we have offered to all our students, Yr10 to Yr13. Cameron exudes enthusiasm and positivity and he quickly forms good relationships with students. He is relatable and has a good ability to get through to disengaged students, in addition to those who have the desire to succeed.

From a school perspective, he is easy to work with and eager to deliver a valuable product. Feedback from both students and parents has been fantastic. Cameron was extremely quick to adapt his service to these uncertain times, establishing bi-weekly webinars. The webinar he delivered this morning as an introduction to students was well-prepared and engaging, with live chat contribution from students and regular polls. 

This demonstrates his flexible approach and determination to deliver. Cameron will continue to work with our whole school during these uncertain times. We will definitely be using his provision again next year.”

Mrs Donna TolleyAshby School

Extended Leadership Team with responsibility for Pupil Premium

SLE – Narrowing the Gap, Attendance & Science

“Just a quick email to say I really enjoyed your webinar today. Definitely the right tone for what our students are all going through right now and a good level of interactions and messages. Thank you for providing this opportunity.” 

Georgina Allbrook-Dunn – Head of Year 11 Ridgeway School

These are just a few testimonials; on top of this, the response from the teachers on Twitter has been amazing.

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School Mindset and Motivational Online Program – Teacher Feedback

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