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Successful GCSEPod Webinars – Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker – Last year our founder and UK’s number one youth coach and motivational speaker Cameron Parker delivered some incredible webinars for GCSEPod.

We had thousands of teenagers attend the webinars from all around the world.

Below is some of the messages Cameron received after the webinars:

“Hi, I would just like to thank you for the webinar you did today with GCSEPod as I found it really beneficial and I don’t think I wrote as much notes in a day at school as I did in your webinar.

Also, can I just suggest you make a book as I would definitely read it and it would be the perfect book for anyone doing GCSEs, A levels or any other tests similar.”

“Thanks so much for the webinar, it’s helped my motivation for everything. I went and smashed the best workout and a solid hour of revision. Thanks a lot.”

“Hey I just came from your webinar. I’ve been really stressing out about school at the moment and this has helped so much. I really appreciate what you are doing.”

“Thank you so so so much for your webinar, it’s really helpful to listen to someone talking about how we can get around hurdles to get to where we want to be, especially in terms of GCSE’s”

“Hey I just wanted to say I enjoyed the webinar, it was really helpful for me. It was an eye-opener and the advice was really good.

It is still very hard for me to stay motivated and I worry every single day and stress about whether I’m going to make it or not. But you really reassured me so thank you for that, you are amazing”

“Hi Cameron, me and my son watched you last night and you were brilliant. He is suffering with anxiety at the moment and receiving counselling. But what you spoke about last night, will really help. Keep up the good work.”

“Hey bro, just finished watching your webinar and just wanted to say thanks. Recently I’ve been really struggling with motivation and anxiety and hearing what you had to say has inspired me to work harder and get on”

“Hi I’ve just finished your webinar and it was fab. I’ve got extreme anxiety and really struggle to revise and be confident in school and out. I wake up stressed for the day ahead but I’ve made a habit I need to adopt that I need more self confidence and less self doubt as it gets me no where.”

The impact and value delivered was second to none. As we are now in our third lockdown in the UK, Cameron will be focused on delivering more sessions virtually.

To book any of our incredible speakers for your school or college email – and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

Successful GCSEPod Webinars

Successful GCSEPod Webinars – Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker

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