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Virtual Motivational Assembly – October the 6th, UK’s #1 Youth Coach and Speaker Cameron Parker inspires the year 9 students at Lawn Manor Academy. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 the motivational session was delivered through Zoom.

There was a huge amount of impact and value delivered within the session, below are some of the things the students said and learned:

Great speech very inspiring nearly made me cry, really good speaker really enjoyed it

We really liked the presentation it was quick interactive and informative.

We took away the quote ‘ your background does not determine your character’

It taught me I could reach my dreams

His talk made me believe the impossible is possible

He taught me to focus on my goals

Information and action

“Anxiety is caused by over-thinking – take action and don’t overthink.  Anxiety is caused by over-thinking and not by actions.

It doesn’t matter what you did in the past but what you’ re doing now

Don’t listen to others, do what you deserve.”                  

It really doesn’t matter about your background it matters about your character

Choose progress over perfection!

Information knowledge – knowledge -action

Anxiety is rarely caused by action but by overthinking – it’s easy to over complicate stuff

Don’t be scared to be laughed at – take the first step, it really doesn’t matter if you are perfect

The “No’s” will turn into “Yes’s”  just give it a try

It takes hard work and independency

Over estimate what we can achieve in 1 year but we under estimate what we can achieve in 10 years

Keep trying, you are more powerful than you think you are

No what “ifs” just do it

2 tables – one of excuses and of results – you can only have one! Win or learn!

You must have a plan in smalls steps – you are more powerful than you think you are

Cameron was very enthusiastic when talking and very passionate

There you have it. If you would like to book Cameron Parker or another speaker we have to deliver at your event then please email

Virtual Motivational Assembly

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